Yard Waste Pickup & Recycling

Yard Waste Disposal

Please note that recycling and yard waste in Plantation Oaks should be brought to the curb no sooner than Wednesday (the day before pickup) and should not block the road.

Large piles of yard waste from clearing or other large yard projects will not be collected. Coordinate with your lawn/yard maintenance to ensure yard debris is picked up quickly after it is placed.

Items that are not yard waste and will not be picked up include: Whole trees, land clearing debris, yard waste weighing more than 50 lbs. or more than 6 ft. in length, small pieces of yard waste not properly bagged or containerized, fencing, landscape timbers, garden hoses, planters, flower pots, and yard decorations will not be collected.

Recycling must fit inside the recycle can. Cardboard or bags beside the recycle can will not be picked up.

Household trash should be placed at the curb no sooner than Thursday (evening if possible).

Trash & Recycling Cans/Bins Storage

All trash and recycling bins need to be put in the garage or behind a wall/barrier where they are not visible.

The Plantation oaks management company will be sending letters and imposing fines on these violations.

Questions or concerns regarding your garbage or yard waste services or to get help with pickup of lager than usual amounts of yard waste? Please contact us at solidwaste@sjcfl.us or (904) 827-6980 for further assistance.Thanks for you help keeping Plantation Oaks beautiful.

St. Johns County Government online information can be found here.