HOA Spring News 2021

March 12, 2022

Dear Neighbors,

The bees are being, and the birds are birding, and it is beginning to look like spring has sprung. Now is a great time to welcome all out of hibernation and provide a Plantation Oaks update.

Our Pool resurfacing has been completed, and the Pool will reopen shortly. Additionally, we are replacing several lounge chairs. You may notice that we have also upgraded the bathroom light switches to motion switches.

We will be adding a moveable pickleball net in the tennis area in short order and replacing the basketball net.

It was brought to our attention that there is an option to add pickleball lines to the tennis court. We will review this option as we go out to bid for the tennis and basketball courts resurfacing.

We want to thank every homeowner for the time and resources you contribute to ensure Plantation Oaks is a neighborhood that we are all proud to live in! Having well-maintained properties throughout the community is a significant contributor to the overall enjoyment and helps retain real estate values for everyone. A quick search of Realtor.com indicates one house for sale within the community, and it is pending.

The Board is asking all owners to look at your home, landscaping, sod, and plant beds with 'fresh eyes and take steps to spruce up the exterior appearance of your property. The following guidelines are to assist in evaluating your home's overall appearance and determining appropriate steps to ensure all our homes present a well-maintained and uniform appearance:

Architectural Review: Please remember that any modifications to your property's exterior require prior written approval from the Architectural Review Committee. These reviews are necessary to preserve the appearance and architectural integrity of the community. Changes that must be approved include significant landscape changes and tree removal, paint colors, fences, playsets, screen enclosures, etc. Architectural Review forms and guidelines are available on the community website (plantationoaks.org). Any changes without prior written approval from the Association may result in a violation notice and possibly a fine.

Exterior Maintenance: The exterior of the home, driveway, sidewalk, and curb should be pressure washed routinely to remove any mildew or rust stains. Mailboxes and address plaques should have a fresh coat of black paint with gold numbers. Some have said that painting the mailboxes and address plaques is like meditation. Please take the time to slow down and enjoy the process.

Landscape Maintenance: Landscaping maintenance includes having your lawn mowed and edged regularly. Edging should consist of the driveway, the curb at the street, around the house, and all plant and tree beds. Shrubs and trees should be pruned and trimmed regularly. Please remove dead palm fronds. Plant beds should be maintained and free of weeds. All lawns should be fertilized and watered. It is up to each owner to evaluate their residence to ensure that each home and lot's maintenance is in compliance with the community Covenants and Restrictions and reflects the desired well-maintained community standard.

Covenant Enforcement: All owners and residents of the Plantation Oaks HOA must abide by all the covenants, rules, and regulations. As a homeowner, you have the responsibility and obligation to all owners to regularly perform routine maintenance and repairs to their homes and lawns.

Compliance helps ensure that Plantation Oaks Homes' property values remain competitive with neighboring communities and remains an attractive, well-maintained, safe, and pleasant place to live.

All cars should be parked either in driveways or in the parking lot in the community's front overnight. Please park vehicles on the right side of the road and avoid parking behind a neighbor's driveway.

We look forward to seeing everyone in person and meeting our new neighbors soon.


Jason Engelhardt


Plantation Oaks HOA