HOA Summer News 2021

June 2, 2021

Plantation Oaks at Ponte Vedra Homeowners Association, Inc.

Dear Homeowners,

   The Plantation Oaks Board of Directors would like to thank every homeowner for the time and resources you contribute to ensure Plantation Oaks is a neighborhood that we are all proud to live in! Having well-maintained properties throughout the community is a major contributor to the overall enjoyment and helps to retain real estate values for everyone.

  Spring has sprung and the warm weather is upon us! The Board is asking all owners to evaluate their homes with fresh eyes. This includes landscaping, as well as exterior maintenance such as pressure washing, mailboxes, driveways and curbs.

The Property Manager will be performing monthly routine inspections to assess and enforce the Associations maintenance standards. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

Please continue reading for a few more Association reminders!

Board Meetings:

Meetings of the Board of Directors are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 6PM. Though meetings of the Board are for business of the Association, all owners are encouraged to attend! The Board appreciates owner involvement.

We Need You!:

Want to see updates to our amenities, including the tennis court? We would LOVE your help to make this happen. We are looking for 3-4 volunteers to join our tennis court/pickle ball/basketball court committee. This will be a short-term project where you are able to provide ideas and influence what upgrades/changes are made as a community. If you are interested, please contact Aubrie Synan, CAM at asynan@sovereign-jacobs.com

Architectural Review:

Remember, any modifications to the exterior of your property require prior written approval from the Architectural Review Committee. This is required to preserve the appearance and architectural integrity of the community. Changes that must be approved include major landscape changes and tree removal, paint colors, fences, play sets, screen enclosures, etc. Architectural Review forms and guidelines can be obtained by visiting the community website(plantationoaks.org). Any changes without prior written approval from the Association may result in a violation notice, and possibly a fine.

Covenant Enforcement:

It is essential that all owners and residents of the Plantation Oaks HOA abide by all the covenants, rules and regulations. This includes a responsibility and obligation of all owners to perform routine maintenance and repairs to their homes, and lawns, on a regular basis. Compliance helps ensure that Plantation Oaks Homes’ property values remain competitive with neighboring communities, and that the community remains an attractive, well-maintained, safe and pleasant place to live.


All cars should be parked either in driveways or in the parking lot in the front of the community overnight.


In accordance with the Associations Governing Documents, not more than four (4) domestic household pets (two of any one kind) may be kept or maintained at any dwelling. Dogs, cats or other permitted pets shall be kept inside the house, on a leash or within a fenced area on a Lot. Owners, tenants or guests who walk their pets must use a leash and cleanup any defecation made by their pets on any property owned by the Association or another Owner.

Lagoon Access:

Following several complaints and concerns, please be reminded that access to the lagoons must be obtained via the Association easements/property lines and not by neighboring lots. Trespassing can be enforced.

Thank you!