Hazardous Waste Disposal Information

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

The items below should not be placed in household trash for pick-up. The items below can be taken to the transfer station or you can wait for a community collection date (usually at TPC parking lot a couple times per year). Please follow the link to find more information: Transfer Stations or recyclestjohns.com


Including paint, motor oil, oil filters, gasoline, fluorescent bulbs, wax, cleaners, soap, pool chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, grout, aerosol cans, antifreeze, batteries, polishes, lamp oil, lubricants, strippers, solvents, thinner, adhesives, flea dip, car & appliance muriatic acid, propane gas cylinders, transmission fluids, ant killer, brake fluid, lighter fluid, fire extinguishers, linseed oil, naval jelly, photo chemicals, etc.


Monitors, terminals, televisions, CPU’s, laptops, printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, keyboards, mice, cables, game hardware, UPS units, external drives, pagers, hand held radios, stereos, kitchen appliances, power tools, modems, desk phones, mobile phones, VCR’s, tape players, speakers, small health/beauty appliances.


Automobile & light truck tires only (There is a charge for tires and pressure‐treated wood).