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Plantation Oaks at Ponte Vedra


Dear homeowners, Please see the information and updates for you and your community enclosed.

Board of Directors update from 5/25/20: We hope you have been doing well during the Covid-19 quarantine. We know it has been more difficult for some than others.

Community Facilities In March, the State and County mandated all public pools, gyms, and other social gathering places closed to help fight the spread of the virus. As a board, we spoke with our management company Associa, legal counsel and our Insurance carrier (leadership counsel) before making the decision to close the pool.

We continued to monitor the situation with St Johns Emergency Management. Once their guidance changed (Tuesday May 19, 2020) to allow HOA’s to open their pools, we immediately worked with our leadership counsel to understand how to open our facilities and manage any liability to the association. Counsel drafted legal language stating that the use of the facilities is at your own risk and was posted at the Tennis Court and Pool.

We had an HOA Board meeting on Thursday May 21, 2020 and informed the community that we would open the facilities with these guidelines. Over the weekend we were made aware that some pool loungers were ripped. Two were replaced today. The third has been removed and will be replaced shortly. A new tennis net has been ordered and will be installed as soon as it arrives.

To help swiftly address maintenance, if you see an item that needs repair please call Associa or use the Town Square app on your phone to report it. Mark Sheme, our property manager can be reached at mark.sheme@cmcjaxfla.com or 904-367-8532.

Landscaping The disappointment with the landscaper is a theme that we have heard and had been trying to work through. We have launched a Grounds Committee with the goal of helping to improve the company’s performance. At this point we have provided the landscaper enough time and as a board and community have asked the Ground Committee to begin the search for a replacement.

Drain Pipe Repair The drainage issue is a much more complex issue that has taken hours of the boards time researching through St Johns County records, State of Florida legal documents and corporation ownerships papers. This was done with guidance of legal counsel but much of the leg work was done by your HOA Board to minimize the legal expense. May 26, 2020 Plantation Oaks Homeowners Association, Inc. “Sounds interesting, but why is there a hole in the ground and it looks ugly, why can’t we just fix it?” We had the original hole excavated exposing one point of pipe failure. We had quotes to repair the failure but wanted to be sure we wouldn’t be wasting money on incremental repairs as a large section of the pipe was replaced recently as 2013.The full 400ft pipe was cleaned, inspected by camera and the results shared with multiple construction professionals. One recommendation was to replace the entire pipe at ~$180k. There was also a proposal to just fix certain areas at ~$20k and in the future line the pipe for ~$190k if it needs it. Since that pipe primarily serves Sawmill Lakes and with a potential ~$200k expense, we needed to be sure that the pipe repair was a Plantation Oaks responsibility. After extensive research and legal advice, we learned that our drainage system is part of a greater system and that the responsibility to maintain that system is contractually shared with our neighboring communities. Consequently, we were advised that Plantation oaks is only responsible for a portion of the repair costs. Conversations with Sawmill Lakes have started and working together the initial ~$20k drainage pipe repair will begin immediately.

Security To help with security, a few gate codes have been updated to remove #4444 and other well-known codes. Residents who needed their codes changed have been notified and provided with a new code. If you are unsure of your code (or don’t know if the gate system has your phone number) please reach out to Associa who will validate your gate code/update your telephone number. There have been reports of visitors coming in the out gate since the removal of #4444. If you are aware of this and they are your visitors please have them use the system. When a visitor contacts you via the gate keypad, you can press 9 on your phone and the gate will open.

Okay this really is the last thing for this letter. If we could remind all that schools out and please drive carefully and slowy around in the community.

Additionally, please, please pick up after your pets. Also, with most of us spending more time at home, we have seen many people busy doing yard work. Please continue with the spring cleaning, its looking good.

Neighborly, Plantation Oaks HOA Board

Homeowner gate code information: Please contact Associa at info@cmcjaxfla.com or call the office at 904-367-8532 and the Associa gate access team will be able to help assist you to get your individual gate access code.

Common area gate codes: Cabana code: *1962 Pedestrian gate code: 1957 (no “#” before or after just 1957)

Individual property maintenance: Your hard work on your homes and properties is much appreciated. Please continue reviewing your home, landscaping, lawn and plant beds with ‘fresh eyes’ and keep working to spruce up the exterior appearance of your property. To help guide your efforts the following guidelines are provided to assist in evaluating your home’s overall appearance and determining appropriate steps to ensure all our homes present a well- maintained and uniform appearance. Your efforts are much appreciated, and it is understandable during this current situation with COVID-19 every item may not be able to be addressed right away.

EXTERIOR ROOFS, WALLS, WALKWAYS AND DRIVEWAY MAINTENANCE: • Cleaning of exterior walls, porches, driveways and walkways • Straighten up landscape edging that may have shifted out of place • Clean Mold, Pine Straw or any other debris from roof

LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE: • Mulch – add fresh mulch • Trim trees and palms • Grass – Replace dead sod as necessary • Edging grass along curbs, walkways and driveways • Shrubs – Remove and replace dead bushes • Other Plants & Flowers – Prune back dead limbs/leaves; replace as necessary • Ground cover – keep ground cover plants trimmed, even and weed free

MAILBOXES: Please look at your mailbox and post and make sure they are not peeling or chipped. Prepare and paint black as needed to keep them looking clean and maintained.

ARC REVIEW: Please be sure to obtain approval from the Architectural Review Committee PRIOR to making ANY changes to the exterior of your home including: 1. Changing exterior paint colors (wall, trim, doors, fences, gates) 2. Major new additional landscaping 3. Replacement of exterior doors, windows 4. Roof replacement or structural changes to the home such as an addition


If you have questions or require additional information regarding your home or the overall neighborhood, please email your comments to info@cmcjaxfla.com.

Please continue to work on items on your property. Thank you for your efforts during this challenging time that we are all facing with COVID-19. Associa will be inspecting the community over the next several weeks and will checking on progress. Violation letters have currently been suspended by request of the Board however a standard letter may be sent to help owners identify items that may have been overlooked.

Mark Sheme, Community Association Manager Main office: 904-367-8532

5-20-2020 HOA Meeting Highlights


We would like to thank all who attended the board meeting phone conference call last night. While there were a number of items discussed, we want to share some highlights:

1. We will re-open the Pool and Amenities - however the recommendation from St Johns County is that those that choose to use these services should continue to abide by the CDC guidelines (6 feet apart). Furthermore, we have discussed with legal and insurance and will be posting language regarding the fact that you are using these services at your own risk and PO HOA bears no responsibility. The legal language will be better than mine - promise. Please keep in mind that PO does not have a cleaning service to wipe down chairs after use.

ATTENTION RESIDENTS AND GUESTS: USE OF COMMUNITY AMENITIES AND POOL “Plantation Oaks at Ponte Vedra Homeowners Association, Inc. does not undertake any duty or obligation to ensure the health or safety of any of the residents, including without limitation any duty or obligation to prevent the transmission or contraction of viruses or other infectious diseases, and therefore recommends you take action that you may deem appropriate to promote your health and safety. Residents, guests, and invitees utilize the common areas and amenities at their own risk and are expected to continue to abide by CDC guidelines and recommendations when doing so.”

2. We are evaluating extending the existing bathroom cleaning service.

3. We have approved the painting of the lamp posts and street signs.

4. The pedestrian gate has been fixed and the entry code is on TownSq and the PO website, please share sparingly.

5. Main gate codes have been changed for a handful of homes with #4444 and others being eliminated. This is a reminder, when a guest rings you from the system at the front gate simply press the number 9 on your phone and the gate will open. There is no reason to provide them your code number. Please share your code sparingly. Each household has their own code now.

6. We are working on a process for Realtors that will be vetted by Realtors that live in the community.

7. Drainage pipe - Andy Silber shared the extensive research what was accomplished on behalf of the community with regards to ownership and responsibility to fix the pipe. Sawmill Lakes has agreed to fix the pipe and we should see crews beginning to work shortly.

8. The flowers at the front are being replaced and members of the Grounds Committee will be in attendance during that process. Additionally, they will relaunch the Yard of the Month.

9. There are a number of lights (7) outside the wall that will be replaced.

10. The irrigation system has been checked and the times have been adjusted.

11. We will be conducting a survey regarding the potential to add a Plantation Oaks at Ponte Vedra sign at the front of the community. We have not engaged any sign company, we are asking on behalf of some residents that raised this in the past. PO is the only community on Palm Valley without a sign. Many think that is the charm of the community. We will ask your opinion.

12. Please pick up after your pets! Please don't be that neighbor.

If you were wondering it was a long meeting, 2 hours. We have been asked to continue to leverage a conference call functionality in the future and we will look into how to make that happen.

Neighborly, Jason Engelhardt

Email questions to: info@cmcjaxfla.com Phone inquiries please call: 904-367-8532


Hello to all the residents of Plantation Oaks Community, This is an update of projects and items being worked on for the community. As we are all dealing with current challenges that the Covid-19 virus presents the Board and Associa are working together to keep things moving forward to make progress and improvements for the community. As many of you have shifted to working from home make sure to take some time and get some sun and even take time to work in the yard on your gardens and lawns. There are both physical and mental benefits to be gained by doing so. Who doesn’t like it when the yard looks good. Take a few moments and see some of the items being done for the community:

  •  Gazebo renovations to begin on or about Wednesday April1st. Contractor has ordered the materials for the decking and will begin pressure washing and preparing for the renovations. Note that the area will be closed off during the renovations.

  •  Storm drain pipes that connect Plantation Oaks lake over to Saw Mill Lakes have been cleared out and images and videos of the interior have been completed. Next phase is to have images evaluated and get with contractors to determine necessary repairs to insure they are ready to function properly as the rainy season will be here in a few months.

  •  Landscape entrance and common grounds. The grounds committee and the landscape contractor met earlier in March and reviewed the common areas and particularly the main entrance and the amenity center. They are working together to come up with a stunning display of flowers for the next rotation of annuals at the main entrance as well as some suggestions for other areas in the community. Keep an eye out for the new plantings coming soon.

  •   The landscape entrance lighting is being evaluated to fix or replace any missing lights to have them all working along the columns on the outside and through out the inside of the main entrance area as well.

  •  Meeting with a construction firm and landscape architect that specialize in community monument entrance signs. In initial phase of design and estimates.

  •  A handful of gate codes are being used multiple times a day to gain access to the community. These codes will be eliminated and updated to help prevent unauthorized visitors from gaining access to the community. Owners that may be currently assigned any of these codes will be notified and a new gate code will be issued.

  •  Tennis court resurfacing quotes are being obtained by various contractors. In addition, the gate will be repaired on the roadside of the court during the first full week of April. Thank you and stay healthy and safe. Associa Management on behalf of the Board of Directors

Email questions to: info@cmcjaxfla.com

Phone inquiries please call: 904-367-8532

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